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Dr. Mikhail has over 24 years of experience in private and academic practice, where he earned the rank of Professor of Anesthesiology and Surgery at the University Of Southern California Keck School Of Medicine.
He is a graduate of the University Of Florida College Of Medicine and has postgraduate training in internal medicine, anesthesiology, critical care medicine, and phlebology. He is board certified in critical care medicine, pain management, and anesthesiology, and has certifications in cardiac and vascular ultrasound.
Dr. Mikhail is among only a few physicians to achieve the designation of Registered Vascular Technologist. He is also an internationally recognized anesthesiologist and critical care specialist who has written four editions of Clinical Anesthesiology, a book that has been translated into five other languages, as well as numerous articles in critical care medicine, cardiovascular anesthesia, pain management, and surgery.

Dr. Mikhail has expertise and an extensive background in peripheral and central vascular access, nerve blocks, various needle and catheter injection techniques, and ultrasound imaging. He trained with Dr. John Kingsley, an internationally recognized pioneer in phlebology, at the Alabama Vascular and Vein Center. Dr. Mikhail is also one of few physicians in Southern California who are trained in the CoolTouch endovenous laser ablation system. He is passionate about his work and committed to offering each patient individualized treatment to obtain the best possible result.

All our nurses are highly talented and bring a wealth of experience that includes outpatient, medical-surgical, intensive care, and operating room nursing. The office staff is courteous and professional. Our primary goal is to take care of our patients in the most pleasant and efficient way possible. We work as a team, and our patients frequently comment on their good experience at our Vein Center.

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The Los Angeles Varicose Vein Center is one of few clinics in Southern California that specialize in minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins.
We offer expertise in problems ranging from complicated cases, such as recurrent varicose veins after stripping surgery, perforator vein reflux, and advanced chronic venous insufficiency to simple cosmetic spider veins.
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