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Maged S.Mikhail, M.D, R.V.T.
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Diagnosis & Treatments

The Los Angeles Varicose Vein Center provides the following services:

ο Varicose vein disease
ο Chronic venous insufficiency
ο Cosmetic spider veins.
Diagnostic ultrasound
ο Detailed examination for deep and superficial venous insufficiency
ο Vein mapping
ο Thrombophlebitis screening
ο Arterial duplex studies
Endovenous laser ablation (CoolTouch 1320 nm laser)
ο Saphenous veins
ο Accessory veins
ο Perforator veins
ο Surgical recurrences
Microphlebectomy (ambulatory phlebectomy)
Sclerotherapy injections
ο Ultrasound-guided
ο Veinlite-guided
ο Loop-guided
ο Visual
Compression therapy
Before & After
The Los Angeles Varicose Vein Center is one of few clinics in Southern California that specialize in minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins.
We offer expertise in problems ranging from complicated cases, such as recurrent varicose veins after stripping surgery, perforator vein reflux, and advanced chronic venous insufficiency to simple cosmetic spider veins.
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